Kodiak Jax

Delivery Charges Do Apply

Kodiak Jax II- 109 South First Street, Hamilton, Mt (406) 363-5695
Kodiak Jax- 514 Main Street, Stevensville, MT
 (406) 777-0910

Fountain Pop
Bottomless Glass     $2.25
Pitcher  $4.75
 Pepsi, Diet-Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Root Beer, Wild Cherry Pepsi, 
7-up, Dr. Pepper,  Pink Lemonade

Kids size pop $.75

Kids milk $1.25

Juice  $2.25

Milk 2%  $2.25

Ice Tea $2.00

Bottled Pops $2.35
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Vanilla Creamk, Black Cherry, Root Beer, Orange Cream, Key Lime

Hot Tea or Cocoa $1.00

Coffee $1.50

Beer and Wine
Domestic - Bottles $3.25
Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Miller Lite, MGD, Coors, Coors Light, Kokanee, Smirnoff Ice

Draft Beers - Domestic
Glass (16 oz.) $3.25
Pitcher (60 oz.) $8.75

Microbrew (changes seasonally)

Glass $ 3.75
Pitcher $10.50
Other Bottled Beers $ 3.75
(ask server for list)

Wines                  $3.50
Cabernet, White Zin., Chardonnay


Mud Pie (In the Hamilton Restaurant ONLY) - Chocolate & vanilla ice cream, oreo crumbles, chocolate syrup and whipped cream     $4.25

Honey Bread  -  Dough covered with cinnamon and sugar then topped with honey after coming out of the oven

Ice Cream Cones
Available on plain or sugar cone
Single Scoop    $1.50
Double Scoop   $2.25

Ice Cream Flavors:
Vanilla, Rocky Road, Chocolate Chip Mint, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cookies and Cream, Bubble Gum

Root Beer Floats $3.50

Milkshakes (In the Stevensville Restaurant ONLY):
Served in strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla   $4.25


Turtle - Vanilla ice cream with hot fudge, butterscotch,  crushed nuts and whipped cream $4.50
Grasshopper - Chocolate chip mint ice cream layered in between hot fudge and topped with whipped cream and crushed nuts  $4.50

Kodiak Jax II- 109 South First Street, Hamilton,Mt (406) 363-5695

Kodiak Jax-
 514 Main Street, Stevensville, MT     (406) 777-0910


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